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4ahead GmbH - SalesUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Software development for technical complex tasks, Engineering, Requirements engineering and specifications, Technology consultation 
A-SIT, Secure Information Technology Center - AustriaStyriaOthers Technology monitoring, research and expert opinions on information security. 
AC Consulting Alfred Chmelik GMBHLower AustriaConsultant Documentmanagement, Workflowsystems, electronical archiving 
Active Solution AGViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Software development and consulting 
ADAPTIVIA GmbH - Intelligent Sensor NetworksViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise We make ultra low-power sensor networks to improve quality of life. 
adm o.kipcak & partner ges.m.b.h.StyriaSmall or Medium Enterprise  
AICO SoftwareLower AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Design, Developing embedded systems gateways ( Energy, Health, Automotive, Telekom ) 
AIM SoftwareViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise The objective of AIM Software is to develop user-friendly products that significantly enhance the analysis of financial data. 
AIT Angewandte Informationstechnik Forschungsgesellschaft mbHStyriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Software nach Maß 
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology - Mobility DepartmentViennaResearch Organisation The AIT Mobility Department focuses on the development of safe, efficient and green mobility solutions. 
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology - Center for Mobility SystemsViennaResearch Organisation Research 
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH - Energy DepartmentViennaResearch Organisation AIT Energy Department develops sustainable energy systems based on cutting-edge research and provides solutions for tomorrow’s energy problems. 
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH - Digital Safety & SecurityViennaResearch Organisation Safety & Security Department implements cutting-edge research in safety & security critical areas of information and communication technologies (ICT) 
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH - Health & Bioresources / Molecular DiagnosticsViennaResearch Organisation Applied research 
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH - Foresight & Policy Development Department; Technology ManagementViennaResearch Organisation researching about systems, and identifying topics concerning infrastructure technologies, innovation processes, emerging technologies 
akaryon internet|umwelt|förderung - environmental informaticsViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise IT tools for sustainability/environment/energy topics: assessment e.g. registers of CO2, eco games, knowledge transfer, information systems 
AKG Acoustics GmbH - R&DViennaIndustry Development, marketing and sales of microphones and headphones in markets for professional audio systems, consumer electronics and automotive 
AL!SE SystemsViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise AL!SE Systems: smart leap... 
Alcatel-Lucent Austria AGViennaIndustry Alcatel-Lucent’s vision is to enrich people’s lives by transforming the way the world communicates 
Alpen-Adria-Universitaet Klagenfurt - StatisticsCarinthiaResearch Organisation Development of methods, algorithms and R-software implementations for (Bayesian) statistical analysis of high-dimensional spatio-temporal data 
Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt - Department of Informatics SystemsCarinthiaPublic Body Providing university level education and research in Software Engineering, HCI, Data Mining and Workflow Systems. 
Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt - Applied Informatics / Application EngineeringCarinthiaResearch Organisation Excellent Research and Academic Teaching 
amit OGUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise amit develops and delivers custom mobile enterprise solutions 
ams AG - Corporate CommunicationsStyriaIndustry Design and manufacturing of high performance analog ICs 
ANDATASalzburgSmall or Medium Enterprise ANDATA delivers advanced technologies from Computational Intelligence and Numerical Simulation for high level technical development. 
APAC GesmbHLower AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise We dont TEACH our customers how to make it better - We DO it together! - And together with you we do the right things and do the things right! 
Applied Informatics Software Engineering GmbHCarinthiaSmall or Medium Enterprise Supporting C++ software developers by providing top-notch class libraries, tools and services. 
APUS Software GmbHStyriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Provision of software engineering services for complex software systems over the whole software development lifecycle 
ARC Seibersdorf research GmbH - Biomedical EngineeringStyriaPublic Body  
ARCOSIC Research e.U.Lower AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise We offer Research and Development in the areas of Advanced Radio COmmunication Systems and Integrated Circuits, and related software. 
ARGE DATEN -Österreichische Gesellschaft für DatenschutzViennaResearch Organisation The society registered in Austria is occupied with examining the interaction between the usage of computer science, information law and society. 
Ars Electronica FuturelabUpper AustriaResearch Organisation R&D in the field of Interaction Technologies 
Arsenal Testhouse GmbHLower AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Testing, certification, optimization and verification of RFID, NFC and contactless smartcard systems 
ASI-Tirol Alpines Sicherheits- und InformationszentrumTyrolSmall or Medium Enterprise crisis communication 
Atlas of Eastern and Southeastern EuropeViennaOthers The institute focuses on urban, migration and regional development studies. 
Austrian Academy of Sciences - Institute of Technology AssessmentViennaPublic Body Research of impacts of new technologies, policy advice 
Austrian Academy of Sciences - Institute of Biophysics and Nanosystems ResearchStyriaPublic Body The mission of the IBN is to provide scientific insight into structure and interactions of matter at the level of nanosystems. 
Austrian Academy of Sciences - Institute for Byzantine StudiesViennaResearch Organisation basic research (mediaeval times, byzantine period): text (analysis, edition), geography, paleography, diplomatics 
Austrian Institute for Applied Telecommunications (OIAT)ViennaResearch Organisation To promote safe and efficient use of ICT 
Austrian National Tourist Office - Research & DevelopmentViennaPublic Body The Austrian National Tourist Office is an impetus-giving and innovative player in the network of the Austrian tourism and leisure-time industry. 
Austrian Research Institute for Artificial IntelligenceViennaResearch Organisation The Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI) is a private, non-profit AI research institute. 
Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence - Intelligent Agents and New MediaViennaResearch Organisation Transfer and realisation of the potential of our technologies in realistic application scenarios; furthering the relevant state of the art in AI 
Austrian Standards International - Standards DevelopmentViennaNon Governmental Organisation Supporting stakeholders in bringing their innovative ideas to the market using standards and standardization 
AustriaTechViennaResearch Organisation The development and deployment of suitable technologies to ensure efficient transport for the future. 
AVL List GmbHStyriaIndustry AVL is the world’s largest privately-owned company for the development of powertrain systems as well as simulation, instrumentation and test systems. 
AX-XO GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise AX-XO helps its clients to achieve excellence in cooperation capability (internal and with partners) 
B-NK GmbH Büro für nachhaltige KompetenzViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise B-NK specialises in applying a gender-oriented view to ICT, urban, landscape and traffic planning, mobility research and the STEM field. 
Babka Konsult e.U.Lower AustriaConsultant Support in terms of industrial processes, additive & smart manufacturing, reseach & technology development and funding opportunities 
Bachkoenig & Co KEGViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise language e-learning für migrants through film, cartoon and games 
Behacker & PartnerViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Creation of e-learning platforms with secintific contents for schools 
BeKa Software GbmHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise BeKa Software offers project oriented development of custom software. Services cover the whole project and software life cycle. 
bit mediaStyriaSmall or Medium Enterprise As an e-Learning complete service provider, bit media offers solutions in the key areas of technology, content and services. 
bit schulungscenter GmbH - Tendering, Innovation & Project DevelopmentStyriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Complete provider of high quality, solution oriented training and qualification services and projects. 
bitmovin GmbHCarinthiaSmall or Medium Enterprise High quality video streaming and superior network utilization 
Black Suit Software GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Black Suit Software provides Rapid Enterprise Software Development 
BOC Information Technologies Consulting AGViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Software Development 
Braincon Technologies GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Medical, smartcard and IT-solution provider 
Braintribe IT TechnologiesViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Our mission is to empower innovations to sustain the success of our partners and customers. 
BREAKUP Consulting GmbHLower AustriaConsultant To help customer to better utilize their ressources 
Brimatech Services GmbH - -ViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Brimatech ist ein auf Technologiemärkte spezialisiertes Marktforschungs- und Beratungsunternehmen. 
BRZ - Austrian Federal Computing Centre - E-GovernmentViennaPublic Body E-Government Service Provider of the Austrian federal government 
ByteSourceViennaConsultant We specialize in complex IT solutions and offer “excellence” – from the development of a solution via its conception all the way to its implementation 
c.c.com Andersen & Moser GmbHStyriaSmall or Medium Enterprise To deliver the best possible software solution to our customers. 
Carinthia Tech Institute - School of Systems EngineeringCarinthiaResearch Organisation Development of Online Laboratory solutions. 
CEIT RALTEC gemeinn. GmbH.Lower AustriaResearch Organisation R&D technological fields of rehabilitation and ambient assisted living (eHomecare and eHealthcare) 
Cellent AG - Research ProjectsViennaIndustry cellent AG is more than an ICT service provider - together with our customers we are implementing new and innovative solutions 
celum GmbHUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise celum is an Austrian software company that develops enterprise digital asset management solutions. 
Center for Human-Computer InteractionSalzburgResearch Organisation Th Center for HCI investigates the interplay between humans and technology, examining questions related to design, development, and evaluation. 
Centre for Social InnovationViennaResearch Organisation R&D in social innovation 
CISC Semiconductor GmbHCarinthiaSmall or Medium Enterprise System design, modeling, simulation, verification and optimization of heterogeneous embedded microelectronic systems 
Cleaner Production Center Austria, Informationszentrum für umweltgerechte Produktion GmbHStyriaOthers International dissemination of the Cleaner Production concept ECOPROFIT 
Codeline Cosulting&SoftwareDevelopment GmbHCarinthiaSmall or Medium Enterprise We develop for your success 
CogVisViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise We provide computer vision solutions 
common sense - eLearning & training consultants GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise common sense offers consulting and monitoring of eLearning projects. We train production, coursemanagment and tutoring based on open source tools. 
Competence Network KI-IUpper AustriaResearch Organisation KI-I aims at improving the situation of people w. impairments and elderly by exploring, developing and disseminating technical and social innovations. 
ConfigWorksCarinthiaSmall or Medium Enterprise Development of innovative and new recommender and configuration technologies 
CONTEC Steuerungstechnik und Automation GmbH.TyrolSmall or Medium Enterprise Our aim is to find innovative solutions in solving problems of our customers and make them successful. 
corda business & information engineering gmbhViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Quality Management & e-Government 
Cropster GmbHVorarlbergSmall or Medium Enterprise Cropster creates and manages an internet based, decentralized information management system for transpareny and traceability. 
CTR Carinthian Tech ResearchCarinthiaResearch Organisation From Smart Sensors to Systems Integration 
Cumulo Information System Security GmbHUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise IT Security Applications in the field of information retrieval and machine learning (Nimbusec) 
CURE - center for usability research & engineeringViennaResearch Organisation Research, development and appliance of usability engineering and human-computer-interaction methods 
DANUBE - European Training, Research & Technology InnovationViennaOthers Regional Transfer organisation for training certification, innovation management and regional development 
Danube University Krems - Department for Image ScienceLower AustriaResearch Organisation Image Science; MediaArtHistory, e-Learning; Life Long Learning 
Danube University Krems - Knowledge and Communication ManagementLower AustriaResearch Organisation KnowComm is concerned with information design; that is, the presentation of information in a way that people understand complex data. 
Danube University Krems - Department for Interactive Media and Educational Technology - Interactive Media DivisionLower AustriaResearch Organisation Postgraduate University courses in the field of digital interactive and new media as well as workforce management 
Danube University Krems - Departments of Information and Knowledge Engineering (ike)Lower AustriaResearch Organisation We are concerned with computer-tools and methodsthat support humans in coping with complex information spaces and facilitating new insights visually. 
Danube University Krems - Educational Technology Research Centre (IMB)Lower AustriaResearch Organisation Edcuational Technology Research 
das fernlicht IFSI - Institute for foresight and systemic innovationViennaResearch Organisation  
dataformers GmbH - SalesUpper AustriaOthers dataformers develops individual software solutions based on the partners requirements using cutting edge technology. 
DataPlay GmbH - Finance & AdminTyrolSmall or Medium Enterprise Quality control solutions for Optical Media Industry. 
Datentechnik Austria GmbH & Co KGViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Datentechnik is a leading Austrian system integrator 
dato DenkwerkzeugeViennaConsultant nut.s software for the food production industry 
Diamond Age GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise MOBILE TAGGING 
DICE GmbH & Co KGUpper AustriaResearch Organisation DICE GmbH & Co KG is a dynamic and fast-growing company acting in the field of microelectronics with a strong focus on research and development. 
Digitalherz Software GmbHStyriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Software for digital marketing and digitalmarketing instruments 
Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Hermann Bühler GmbHLower AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise We provide consulting services with the vision of realistic practical and economical implementation. 
Dr. Rammer RM e.U.ViennaConsultant To provide research management services to ICT-oriented organisations, with a focus on research funding and proposal management. 
Dr. Wilson MaluendaViennaConsultant Research in smart grids / Cities segment 
DSP-ConsultViennaConsultant R&D for DSP algorithms and solutions for (radio) communication systems, industry and audio signal pocessing 
dTech Steyr Dynamics & Technology Services GmbHUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Computer Simulation and Engineering Services 
EC live! Hans PointnerUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise providing cost-effective solutions for SME for EDI, EAI and Web 2.0 
EC3 E-Commerce Competence CenterViennaOthers EC3 combines the competences based on 8 years of successfull in-house-research and competences of TU Wien, WU Wien and University Vienna. 
ECE-Consulting - Foreign TradeViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Supporting to sell innovations worldwide, including financial concepts 
ECOresearch NetworkViennaResearch Organisation ECOresearch brings together scientists of different disciplines to explore information systems that advocate sustainability and ecosystem protection. 
Ed. Hölzel - CartographyViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise cartography and Geographical Information Systems, educational material 
effiziente.st Energie- und Umweltconsulting e.U.StyriaConsultant Pushing energy efficiency through ICT 
EFKON AGStyriaSmall or Medium Enterprise To develop, install and run high sophisticated tolling operations worldwide 
ekey biometric systems GmbHUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Physical and logical access control with fingerprint biometrics 
elements.at New Media Solutions GmbHSalzburgSmall or Medium Enterprise Providing ebusiness services 
emotion3D GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Solutions for intelligent video analysis and visualization; Real-time image analysis and depth sensing for interactive systems 
en-software GmbH - Safety&Health managementLower AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise We provide IT solutions for Industry and Commerce 
eqqon GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Development of mobile applications and development of reliable distributed media network solutions 
ESCE Economic & Social Research CenterBurgenlandResearch Organisation  
ETCOP Education Training Consulting Organisation Processmanagement - Business Informatics and Business OrganisationCarinthiaResearch Organisation research, education, training, consulting 
EUDT Energie- u. Umweltdaten Treuhand GmbHCarinthiaSmall or Medium Enterprise Your reliable partner for innovative software solutions, complete custom systems and professional energy consulting. 
Eurofunk Kappacher GmbH - Product InnovationsSalzburgSmall or Medium Enterprise Creating safety by technology 
evolaris next level GmbHStyriaResearch Organisation evolaris is the leading Austrian Competence Centre in the field of digital assistance systems 
EVOLUTIONTyrolSmall or Medium Enterprise Significantly Improve your Software Development Process through Agile Methods 
eyetea.biz GmbHStyriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Development of customer specific mobile business solutions for smart phones 
FAA Holding GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Donor fund management, organisational development, personal development, project and finance management 
FerRobotics Compliant Robot Technology GmbHUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise The pioneering and innovative enterprise FerRobotics Compliant Robot Technology GmbH is the leader in the field of pneumatic robotic technology. 
FFG - Austrian Research Promotion Agency - European and International ProgrammesViennaPublic Body Strengthening the participation of Austrian researchers from academia and industry in European and International R&D programmes and initiatives. 
FH JOANNEUM - Information DesignStyriaResearch Organisation Higher Education, Research & Development 
FH JOANNEUM - Institute e-HealthStyriaResearch Organisation University of Applied Sciences 
FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences - Industrial ManagementStyriaResearch Organisation Efficiency in Industrial Management 
FH JOANNEUM GmbH - Internet-TechnologyStyriaResearch Organisation Education and applied Research 
FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences - ZML-Innovative Learning ScenariosStyriaResearch Organisation  
FH Kufstein Tirol - Data Science & Intelligent AnaltyticsTyrolResearch Organisation The Kufstein University of Applied Sciences is a public, university-level post-secondary education institution. 
fh-campus wien F&E GmbH - Information Technologies and TelecommunicationViennaResearch Organisation Excellence in specific areas 
Fill Gesellschaft m.b.H. - Produktentwicklung / product developmentUpper AustriaIndustry customized high automation of industrial mass production systems and processdatamanagement - smart production - Indutrie 4.0 
Fluidtime Data Services GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise design and software company 
Fluxguide Ausstellungssysteme GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise R&D and implementation of innovative mobile services 
Forschungsgesellschaft Mobilität - Austrian Mobility Research FGM-AMORStyriaResearch Organisation innovative approaches in dealing with todays and tomorrows traffic flows and; keeping both the quality of life and protecting the environment 
Forschungsinsitut des Roten KreuzesViennaNon Governmental Organisation We deal with relevant socitetal problems. 
Forschungsinstitut STITyrolResearch Organisation Together with the STI International community, our institute is committed to make the vision of semantics-based Computer Science become reality. 
fotec Forschungs- und Technologietransfer GmbH - Software DevelopmentLower AustriaResearch Organisation fotec Forschungs- und Technologietransfer GmbH is the research subsidiary of the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt. 
Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH - Visual ComputingStyriaResearch Organisation Fraunhofer Austria undertakes applied research of direct utility to private and public enterprise in the area Visual Computing 
Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH - Production and Logistics ManagementViennaResearch Organisation Value stream optimization in production networks 
Frequentis AGViennaIndustry Support decision makers in safety critical environments by means of communication and information related solutions. 
FTW Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien GmbHViennaResearch Organisation FTWs goal is to bring together academia and industry to carry out application-oriented research in one of the central scientific fields of tomorrow´s 
FTW Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien GmbH - i:lab - Interfaces and Interaction LaboratoryViennaResearch Organisation The i:lab ensures that future pervasive technologies are strictly directed towards their users’ needs. 
gcs Global Communication & Services GmbH - F & ESalzburgSmall or Medium Enterprise gcs does technology research, development and product engineering for systems providing Multimedia Internet Broadcast Services. 
Gebrüder Weiss Transport und Logistik GmbH - IT ServicesVorarlbergIndustry Develop and apply new technologies for the domain logistics 
GEODATA Group - Geodata IT GmbHStyriaSmall or Medium Enterprise The GEODATA group is an innovative supplier of integrated, IT-based solutions and services in tunnel surveying, geotechnical and structural monitoring 
GEOLOGIC Dr. BenediktViennaConsultant Consulting and Educational Support of Applications and Research Activities in Spatial Analysis, Planning and Visualization 
GFP Grafica Foto Pubblicità srl - Research and DevelopmentLower AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise communication - printing - digital services 
GOLEM IMS GMBHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Development of Smart Cities and Smart Enterprises Industry 4 platforms 
Graz University of Technology - Institute for Graphics and VisionStyriaResearch Organisation Research and Eductation 
Graz University of Technology - Institute for Applied Information Processing and Communications (IAIK)StyriaResearch Organisation Research in IT Security, from core-cryptography via secure HW and SW implementation and formal verification to secure applications like eGovernment 
Graz University of Technology - StatisticsStyriaResearch Organisation Teaching and Research in Probability Theory, Stochastics, Mathematical and Applied Statistics 
Graz University of Technology - Cognitive Science Section at Knowledge Technologies Institute,StyriaResearch Organisation The main aim inlcudes interdisciplinary research on integrating psychology with technology 
Graz University of Technology - Institute of Navigation and Satellite GeodesyStyriaResearch Organisation The Institute performs research, development, and teaching with emphasis on positioning, navigation, and satellite geodesy. 
Graz University of Technology - Signal Processing and Speech Communication Laboratory (SPSC)StyriaResearch Organisation Research & education centre in nonlinear signal processing & computational intelligence, algorithm engineering, circuits & systems modelling/design 
Graz University of Technology - Institute of ComputerGraphics and KnowledgeVisualization (CGV)StyriaResearch Organisation Maintaining sustainable semantics of 3D datasets 
Graz University of Technology - Engineering Geodesy and Measurement SystemsStyriaResearch Organisation Development of Structural Health Monitoring systems using embedded fiber optic sensors and external sensors 
Graz University of Technology - Institute of GeoinformationStyriaResearch Organisation Geospatial Information Enabling and Interoperability 
Graz University of Technology, Technology Exploitation Office - Technology Exploitation OfficeStyriaResearch Organisation Commercialisation of technologies developed in public research organisations by licensing and spin-offs 
GRID-IT GmbHTyrolSmall or Medium Enterprise geospatial data processing and services, software development 
GrossbergerUpper AustriaConsultant Business Development and Strategy Consulting 
Gumpinger SoftwareUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Small Software Company in private ownership - we have 7 Java Web Engineers 
Hagenberg Software GmbHUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise We leverage IT-projects by excellence in Microsoft-technologies for SW-development 
Hanival Internet Services GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Deliver state of the art web services to more than 13.000 customers 
HERRY Consult GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Solutions in fields like mobility research and management, infrastructure pricing, freight transport, traffic modelling 
Hickl Business - ownerViennaConsultant Knowledge Management, Intellectual Capital Reporting 
Hilfsgemeinschaft der Blinden und Sehschwachen Österreichs - GeschäftsführungViennaNon Governmental Organisation Our goal is to improve the living conditions of visually impaired and blind people 
HKS Consulting & Development GmbH - General ManagementUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise SAP Consulting, Development, R&D 
HS-Art Digital Service GmbHStyriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Pragmatic application of research achievements in the areas of film and tv. 
HSK - Hochschule Kufstein / University of Applied Sciences Kufstein - Business InformaticsTyrolResearch Organisation Education at Bachelor and Master level and applied research projects 
IDC Central Europe GmbH - Branch Office AustriaViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise IDC provides global, regional, and local expertise on technology and industry opportunities and trends. 
IDEe - Haefele KEGVorarlbergSmall or Medium Enterprise Product and process evaluation with focus on learning processes 
Igisa Softwareproduktions- und Datenserverbetriebs GmbHLower AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Tracking&Tracing of vehicles, persons and objects; mobile rescue; fleetmanagement; log book; LBS; GPS; ASP; GIS; software for fieldworkers 
IIG - Institute for Health Information SystemsTyrolResearch Organisation Develop concepts, prototypes, and evaluations, of innovative ICT tools in health care 
Imagination Computer Services GesmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Imagination is providing Virtual and Mixed Reality Solutions for Education/Entertainment, PR and Marketing, Architecture, Industry Art and Culture. 
INCHSTONEUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise IOT & INDUSTRY 4.0 Software Service & Solution Provider 
INFORMATICS Consulting & Development GmbHUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise SAP Consulting and Development Company 
Information Retrieval FacilityViennaResearch Organisation The IRF is an open IR science institution, managed by leading international experts. 
INITS Universitäres Gründerservice GmbH - Innovation into BusinessViennaNon Governmental Organisation INiTS – Boosting Startup Success & Corporate Innovation, lower risks and more stable over the innvovation process 
INNOC - Austrian Society for Innovative Computer SciencesViennaResearch Organisation Research and networking in Computer Science, especially in artificial intelligence and robotics 
Innsbruck Medical University - RadiologyTyrolResearch Organisation To develop novel methods for tumor and pain therapy and to apply them in the patients 
INSET Research & Advisory GmbH - ResearchViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise INSET is an international acting research and consultign SME specialized on ICT, Security and Society, eHealth, eInclusion and business development. 
Insota Intelligent IT SolutionsViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Software Development 
Institute for Applied Knowledge Processing (FAW)Upper AustriaResearch Organisation  
INTEGRAL Markt- und Meinungsforschungsges.m.b.H.ViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise INTEGRAL is a team with long term market research experience, using a holistic approach in order to give actionable answers to clients questions. 
iPoint Austria - ComplianceViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Our solutions facilitate easy tracking of your environmental impact, and implementation of your product sustainability goals 
ISD - Internet & Software DevelopmentUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Software Development, Webdesign, Webhosting 
ISG IT & Automation GmbHUpper AustriaOthers Industrial Informatics and Automation 
IT-Business Development GmbHLower AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Business Model Design, Strategic Marketing 
Jabil Circuit Austria GmbH - Design EngineeringViennaIndustry Contract Design and Manufacturing of Precision Electro Mechanical Products 
JAWA Management Software GmbH - Sales & MarketingStyriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Developement of B2B Web Portal Management Software 
JIPP.IT GmbHStyriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Research, training, consulting and development in the field of Agile Methods, Portals and Recommender Systems. 
JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH - DIGITAL – Institute for Information and Communication TechnologiesStyriaResearch Organisation Applied Research & Development in Information and Communication Technology 
JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH - ROBOTICS - Institute for Robotics and MechatronicsCarinthiaResearch Organisation Applied Research & Development in Robotics and Mechatronics 
JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH - HEALTH - Institute for Biomedicine and Health Sciences / Clinical Decision SupportStyriaResearch Organisation Applied Research & Development in Health Technology 
Johannes Kepler University Linz - Department of TelecooperationUpper AustriaResearch Organisation create and disseminate innovative research results for the next generation internet 
Johannes Kepler University Linz - Institute for Communications Engineering and RF SystemsUpper AustriaResearch Organisation Reasearch on architectures, circuits, and signal processing algorithms for mobile communications and microwave sensing 
Johannes Kepler University Linz - Institute for Formal Models and VerificationUpper AustriaResearch Organisation Develop new Formal Verification and Testing Technology. 
Johannes Kepler University Linz - Business Informatics - Data & Knowledge EngineeringUpper AustriaResearch Organisation Developing methods and tools ín the field of data and knowledge engineering 
Johannes Kepler University Linz - Department of Computational PerceptionUpper AustriaResearch Organisation To perform world-class research in computational perception and intelligent audio/music analysis 
Johannes Kepler University Linz - Research Institute for Symbolic Computation (RISC)Upper AustriaResearch Organisation application of mathematical methods in science and technology 
Johannes Kepler University Linz - Business Informatics - Software EngineeringUpper AustriaResearch Organisation Research and teaching both in business informatics and in software engineering 
Johannes Kepler University Linz - Institute for Systems Engineering and AutomationUpper AustriaResearch Organisation SEA is a leading research institute on software and systems engineering with a strong emphasis on innovation, research, and education 
Johannes Kepler University Linz - Integriert Studieren / Integrated StudyUpper AustriaResearch Organisation Research, Teaching and Service in D4All (web and information design), ICT, AT and disability 
Johannes Kepler University Linz - Department of Pervasive ComputingUpper AustriaResearch Organisation Pervasive Computing - Technology for People 
Johannes Kepler University Linz - Institute for Information Processing and Microprocessor Technology (FIM)Upper AustriaResearch Organisation Research and development in the areas of Computer Networks, Network Security and Adaptive Systems 
Johannes Kepler University Linz - Department of Knowledge-Based Mathematical SystemsUpper AustriaResearch Organisation We solve problems in the fields of optical fault detection, image processing, and prediction in complex systems. 
Johannes Kepler University Linz - Institute of Signal ProcessingUpper AustriaResearch Organisation Research and Teaching 
kapper.net - KAPPER NETWORK-COMMUNICATIONS GmbH - IT DevelopmentViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise kapper.net enables its customers to excell in all ways of communication 
Karl-Franzens Universität Graz - Institut für Informationswissenschaft und WirtschaftsinformatikStyriaResearch Organisation teaching an research 
Katharina FellnhoferLower AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Engaged with two ICT web projects: www.feldundhof.at and www.farm2study.com 
Kavedo OG - Digital SolutionsSalzburgSmall or Medium Enterprise The Kavedo team has many years of technical expertise in databases design, video-encodings, transcoding, GUI design and usability. 
Kepler University of Linz - Business Informatics - Communications EngineeringUpper AustriaResearch Organisation Transformation support in digitization 
KiwiSecurity Software GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise R&D and selling in the area of Videoanalytics and Video Surveillance 
Klagenfurt University - Department of Information TechnologyCarinthiaPublic Body The Department of Information Technology (ITEC) strives for excellence in (1) research, (2) teaching and (3) cooperation with industry. 
KNOW-CENTER GmbH - Research Center for Data-Driven Business & Big Data AnalyticsStyriaResearch Organisation Know-Center Graz was founded in 2001 within the framework of the COMET K1-program and became Austrias leading research center for data-driven busines 
KOHSViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise visions and technologies for a healthy and productive society 
Krems Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbHLower AustriaResearch Organisation 
Lakeside Labs GmbHCarinthiaResearch Organisation developing concepts, algorithms, protocols and technologies for self-organizing networks of devices and embedded systems 
LIFEtool gemeinnützige GmbH - R&D | Innovation ManagementUpper AustriaResearch Organisation innovative ICT solutions for people with special needs, innovative AAL-solutions for elderly people 
Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH (LCM)Upper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Solution provider for customers from the first idea to finished products in the fields of mechatronics. 
LIS Reinisch OG - ManagementBurgenlandSmall or Medium Enterprise Solution bundling from existing and new concepts 
Lixto Software GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Lixto Software GmbH empowers better decisions by searching & aggregating information in real-time and delivering end-to-end connectivity solutions. 
Logotronic computergesteuerte Geräte und Anlagen GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Technical development of environmental measurement networks 
MANOVA GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Finding solutions to strategic problems and making sure that our customers are satisfied with our service. 
Marcus Priesch - Open Source Consultant - Solution ProviderLower AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Develop optimum solutions based on open (source) technologies 
MARKSIM Servces GMBHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Online Market Simulation / reduce time-to-market / 
MASSIVE ART GmbHVorarlbergSmall or Medium Enterprise Our goal is to put the user in the center of our solutions. 
Matrixware Information Services GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Matrixware is active in the field of patent retrieval, a subarea of Information Retrieval. IR uses computer-assisted methods to conduct content-based 
mea IT ServicesStyriaSmall or Medium Enterprise software development, consultant, and service provider for small and medíum enterprises 
MEDIACULTViennaResearch Organisation research in the field of culture, media, culture industries, cultural developmenmt 
Medical University of Vienna (MUW) - Institute of Environmental HealthViennaResearch Organisation Sustainability of health, well being and performance 
Meditrainment Consulting GmbHTyrolSmall or Medium Enterprise Development & implementation of educational training, ICT-based training, learning environments, mobile learning in medicine and healthcare 
Megion Research & Development GmbHViennaResearch Organisation Internet of things 
memeticorLower AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Enable Soft-Facts with Soft-Ware 
MERIG [Multidisciplinary European Research Institute Graz]StyriaResearch Organisation  
METADAT GmbHViennaConsultant Provide professional ICT consultancy services for organsiations building VHC networks 
Metriox GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Digital Consulting & Solutions 
milestoneViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise  
Modernfamilies gmbhUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Creating smart social networks for modern families 
MODUL University Vienna - Department of New Media TechnologyViennaResearch Organisation The research of the NMT Department focuses on semantic and geospatial Web technology, text mining, human-computer interaction and visual analytics. 
ms.GIS informationsystems gmbhLower AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Development of software solutions and services for the management of spatial resources and respective business processes. 
NAVUS.netViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise  
Networkpro Management ConsultingViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Measuring usability and customer-orientation of commercial websites 
New Frontier Innovation GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Providing consulting services and innovative IT solutions 
NXP Semiconductors Austria GmbHStyriaIndustry Development and Research on RFID,Contact and Contactless Smartcard systems and automotive car access systems 
Oberösterreichische Gesundheits- und Spitals AG - GesundheitsInformatikUpper AustriaPublic Body  
Oesterreichische Computer Gesellschaft (OCG - Austrian Computer Society)ViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise IT Competence - Promotion and Certification 
ON DEMAND Microelectronics AGViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Our aim is to deliver low latency video codec and image processing chips width firmware for automotive and surveillance industry products 
onlaw internet technologie gmbhViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Retrieval and Content Management Solutions 
ORIENTETyrolResearch Organisation  
PCS Professional Clinical Software GmbHCarinthiaSmall or Medium Enterprise Cutting-edge MedIT & Telemedicine solutions and services for the management and operation of healthcare facilities across Europe 
Plaut Consulting Austria GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Management- & IT Consulting 
playenceTyrolSmall or Medium Enterprise Intelligent management of multimedia and text 
Plejaden GmbHUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Development&Sales of solutions for preventive cognitive training and activation programs for people suffering from cognitive impairment 
PM & IT ConsultingLower AustriaConsultant Information Security 
PNO Consultants GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Grants consultancy 
proEval - The Society for the Support of Professional EvaluationVorarlbergNon Governmental Organisation orients its work consistently to practical application and efficacy for human ressource 
Profactor GmbHUpper AustriaResearch Organisation Research for Production Processes and Technology 
PROGIS Software GmbHCarinthiaSmall or Medium Enterprise GIS-Software and geo-based applications for agriculture, forestry, ecology, rural logistics, risk management, geoInfotainment 
psp-gmbhCarinthiaSmall or Medium Enterprise  
punkt. netServicesViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise  
PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers Österreich - Consulting & Risk ServicesViennaConsultant We help organisations to work smarter and grow faster. 
Pyrathos Dipl.-Ing. Franz Peter SeilerUpper AustriaConsultant Consultant in Innovation Management, Project Management, Technology Screenings & Technology Transfer, Know-how-Transfer, Funding, Data Processing 
Rabcat Computer Graphics GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise High quality 3D visualizations 
RDD design networkUpper AustriaConsultant research and development for innovative design projects 
Rechenraum e.U.ViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise We develop efficient yet robust 3D software to process, analyze and model 3D data. 
Research Institute of the Red Cross - Forschungsinstitut des Roten KreuzesViennaOthers The FRK qualitatively and quantitatively approaches relevant societal problems regarding security, health promotion, care&attendance, ems. 
Research Studios Austria - Smart Agent TechnologiesViennaResearch Organisation Taking Innovation from Universities to Markets 
Research Studios Austria Forschungsgesellschaft mbHSalzburgResearch Organisation Managing Innovations from Universities into Markets 
Research Studios Austria Forschungsgesellschaft mbH - MicroLearning and Information EnvrionmentsViennaResearch Organisation Managing Innovations from Universities into Markets in ther area of technology enhanced learning and knowledge management with particular attention m 
RIS Internetsolutions and Services - SW Development, Internet ServicesUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise RiS is providing and developing innovativ internet services and applications in the fields of e-government and multimedia 
RISC Software GmbHUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise individual software development for SME and groups of companies 
rmDATA GmbH.BurgenlandSmall or Medium Enterprise Software-Development for surveying, geoinformation and geodata management 
Sail Labs Technology AGViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise SAIL LABS is a leading innovator in the field of Speech Technology. 
Sällberg Technologies e.U.Upper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Better Signals for Humans 
Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft m.b.H.SalzburgResearch Organisation Salzburg Research is an independent, innovation-driven research & technology organisation (RTO) in the area of information technologies (IT). 
Salzburg University of Applied Sciences - Information Technology and Systems Management (ITS)SalzburgResearch Organisation Tertiary Education and Research 
SBA ResearchViennaResearch Organisation Research in Information Security 
Schulungszentrum Fohnsdorf - ProjectmanagementStyriaPublic Body Our central aim is to support adult learners and young people with essential education and training on an individual and flexible basis 
secinto GmbHStyriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Provision of IT security services 
Seewald SolutionsUpper AustriaResearch Organisation We begin where others give up. 
Semantic Web CompanyViennaConsultant Support organisations in social software, semantic web & knowledge management projects 
Semerad IT Consulting GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Providing IT services to Central Europe companies 
Semonit GmbHSalzburgSmall or Medium Enterprise We make IT measurable! 
SensorDynamics AGStyriaSmall or Medium Enterprise SensorDynamics - Leading in micro and wireless sensor products 
Sico Technology GmbHCarinthiaSmall or Medium Enterprise Machine of Silicon, Quartzglass, Ceramic, glassblowing 
Siemens AG ÖsterreichViennaIndustry Siemens AG Österreich stands for technological excellence, innovation, quality and reliability since more than 135 years. 
Sign Time GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Translation of text into animated sign language using an avatar system 
Silicon Alps Cluster GmbH - Project ManagementCarinthiaPublic Body microelectronic cluser in South Austria 
SIMON listensStyriaResearch Organisation Open Source Speech recognition 
SimutechViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Development of simulation/optimisation tools for general purposes, eg. environmental and power plants, and for web-access to data. 
Smart Information Systems GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Recommender Technologies for E-Commerce Applications 
Smart Living Consulting GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise das fernlicht is an institute for social research, future studies and consulting, mostly in the areas future living. 
smartbow GmbHUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Developing embedded and software solutions for precision agriculture 
Smarter Ecommerce GmbHUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise E-Commerce Optimization Technologies 
Softnet AustriaStyriaAssociation Conducting applied research in software engineering 
Software Competence Center Hagenberg GmbH (SCCH)Upper AustriaResearch Organisation application-oriented software research services for industrial applications 
SoftwareWerkstatt GmbHLower AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Developing Software Solutions 
Solvistas GmbHUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise To provide high quality software solutions to satisfy the needs of our customers. 
spoc.at gmbhUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Providing core products and services in the field of 3D data management and visualization. 
Sprecher Automation GmbHUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Sprecher Automation is an expert for energy stations and automation 
SSI Schäfer IT Solutions GmbHStyriaIndustry Providing State-of-the-Art IT-solutions for Warehouse Management and Materialflow warehouse operations 
St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences - Research OfficeLower AustriaResearch Organisation St.Pölten UAS researches in the technical fields of Technology, Economics, Media, Social Sciences and Health. 
St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences - Institute of IT Security ResearchLower AustriaResearch Organisation Biometrics, Network Computing and Privacy, IT Resilience/Continuity, IT Forensic, Malware Detection, Cloud Comp Security and Chip Cards/HW Tokens 
St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences - Institut für Creative Media TechnologiesLower AustriaResearch Organisation The ICM/T undertakes application-oriented research and development in the broader field of the creative industries. 
St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences - Centre of Excellence for SimulationLower AustriaResearch Organisation The development of rapid algorithms and complex models for various problems forms the focal point of the work. 
Standortagentur-Tirol - Cluster Informationstechnologien TirolTyrolPublic Body Standortagentur des Landes Tirol: Location Agency Tirol supports and sustainably strenghthens Tirol as leading place for economy & research 
Steininger Consulting GmbHLower AustriaOthers Support of our customer in the field of R&D, projectmanagement, public funding, patent portfolio management 
Stiftung Secure Information and Communication Technologies SIC - Institute for Applied Information ProcessingStyriaOthers Research Development JAVA Crypto toolkit 
StreamUnlimited Engineering GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise System Integration of Voice Assistants, streaming audio and IoT 
SYMPTOMA GmbHUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise SYMPTOMA helps patients getting the right diagnosis (and treatment). 
SYNYO GmbH - Research & DevelopmentViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise SYNYO focuses on the intersection between ICT and Society to provide smart solutions to citizens, consumers and decision makers 
Systema Human Information SystemsUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise The human being is our standard, integrated software products are our concept 
T-Systems Austria GesmbH - Corporate Marketing & CommunicationsViennaIndustry A reliable and innovative ICT service provider. 
Tablet Solutions GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Simplify, accelerate and optimize industrial production, assembly, service and maintenance processes. 
TECHNIKON Forschungs- und Planungsgesellschaft mbH - Research and DevelopmentCarinthiaSmall or Medium Enterprise Security Research Services for the European Industry 
Technische Universität Graz - Institut für ComputerGraphik & WissensVisualisierungStyriaResearch Organisation We carry out basic research motivated by relevant application problems in Computer Graphics and Knowledge Visualization. 
Technische Universität Wien - Visual Computing & Human-Centered Technology Research DivisionViennaResearch Organisation Visual Computing Research and Education 
Technisches Museum Wien mit Österreichischer Mediathek - Österreichische MediathekViennaPublic Body audiovisual archive collcting Austrian sound recordings and video 
tecnet equity NÖ Technologiebeteiligungs-Invest GmbH - ICT SeedfondsLower AustriaOthers Finance and Technology Transfer 
TeleConsult Austria GmbHStyriaSmall or Medium Enterprise The major activities cover the field of positioning and navigation, particularly the areas of software development. 
TerraMathLower AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Software applications for geology and related fields (research & commercial) 
tifffStyriaConsultant IT-Infrastructural assistance regarding technical data mgmt 
TILUM Software Services, Development and Trading GmbHLower AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise Research of case-based mass e-learning in medicine 
TraffiCon – Traffic Consultants GmbHSalzburgSmall or Medium Enterprise IT/ GIS consulting and software development 
trinitec IT Solutions & Consulting GmbHCarinthiaSmall or Medium Enterprise Software development, focused on Java, Flex, databases with advanced methodologies (MDA, MDSD, etc.) 
TTTech Computertechnik AGViennaIndustry TTTech Computertechnik AG is the leading supplier of solutions in the field of time-triggered computer systems. 
TU Wien - Institute of Computer TechnologyViennaResearch Organisation Research, development & education 
TU Wien - Institute of Electrodynamics, Microwave and Circuit Engineering - Microwave Engineering GroupViennaResearch Organisation Research and teaching in the fields of RF, microwave, and mixed signal circuit engineering 
TU Wien - Automation and Control InstituteViennaResearch Organisation R&D in Robotics, Machine Vision and Control 
TU Wien - Institute of Computer Engineering - Research Division Automation SystemsViennaResearch Organisation Automation Systems Integration 
Two Pi signal processing applicationsViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise DSP software for hearing health care, sound and speech 
UBIMET GmbH - Forschung und Entwicklung / Research and DevelopmentViennaIndustry Weather Forecasting 
uma information technology GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise  
UMIT - University for Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and TechnologyTyrolResearch Organisation  
University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna - Department of Project Management and ITViennaResearch Organisation academic and practical application-oriented training at university level 
University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg - Secure Information SystemsUpper AustriaResearch Organisation Research and education in IT security 
University of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna - Department of Embedded SystemsViennaResearch Organisation Applied Research and Development in the field of Embedded Systems 
University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien - Telecommunications and Internet TechnologiesViennaResearch Organisation Education, Research and Development in Telecommunications and Internet Technologies 
University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien - Department of Computer ScienceViennaResearch Organisation Education, Research and Development in Computer Science 
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (FH Upper Austria) - School of Informatics, Communications and Media, HagenbergUpper AustriaResearch Organisation We provide R&D competency in software technology and applications, information and communication systems, media and knowledge technology. 
University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg - User Centered Technologies Research InstituteVorarlbergResearch Organisation UCT Research is engaged in the design of technology and media for humans. 
University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt - Information Technology and GeomaticsLower AustriaResearch Organisation Researching and teaching in the field of Information Technology and Geomatics 
University of Innsbruck - Department of PhilosophyTyrolResearch Organisation GABEK® is a tool for decision support, it aims at the integration of experiences and knowledge of many individuals. 
University of Innsbruck - Computer ScienceTyrolResearch Organisation Research & education, industrial & scientific collaborations, generation of spin-offs, collaborations with teachers & schools 
University of Innsbruck - School of ManagementTyrolResearch Organisation Research & Higher Education 
University of Klagenfurt - Centre for Sign language and Deaf CommunicationCarinthiaResearch Organisation ZGH aims at improving the situation of deaf and hard of hearing people concerning education and job chances; ZGH researches sign language 
University of Klagenfurt - Institute for Applied Informatics (AINF)CarinthiaResearch Organisation Contemporary System Security and related Cryptographic Aspects 
University of Natural Ressources and Applied Life Sciences - Department of Forest and Soil SciencesViennaResearch Organisation Within multi-purpose forest management the sustainable use and maintainance of forest ecosystems is secured by goal-oriented planning 
University of Salzburg - Z_GIS Centre for GeoinformaticsSalzburgResearch Organisation Excellence in geospatial research and education 
University of Salzburg - ICT&S CenterSalzburgResearch Organisation The HCI and Usability Unit of the ICT&S Center is engaged in design, evaluation and implementation of interactive systems and environments. 
University of Salzburg - Software Systems CenterSalzburgResearch Organisation advance the state-of-the-art in software construction; current focus on embedded (control) systems 
University of Salzburg - Computer ScienceSalzburgResearch Organisation  
University of Salzburg - Department of Computer SciencesSalzburgResearch Organisation University basic research and curricula in Apllied Computer Sciences towards Bakk, Master, and Doctor degrees 
University of Salzburg - Department of Computer Sciences, Multimedia CommunicationsSalzburgResearch Organisation Integrate/expand digital broadcast and IP based multimedia systems, networks, protocols, and applications 
University of Salzburg - Department of Scientific ComputingSalzburgResearch Organisation image processing applications 
University of Vienna - Department of MathematicsViennaResearch Organisation develop algorithms, connect theoretical foundations with real world application, propagate time-frequency methods 
University of Vienna - Department of Distributed and Multimedia SystemsViennaResearch Organisation Research and Higher Education on distributed and multimedia systems 
University of Vienna - Department for Knowledge and Business EngineeringViennaResearch Organisation The Department of Knowledge and Business Engineering aims to teach and research in the fields of Meta-Modelling, BPM and Knowledge Management. 
University of Vienna - Faculty of Psychology; Institute of Clinical, Biological and Differential PsychologyViennaResearch Organisation Psychological aspects of technology use in old age 
University of Vienna - Biomechanics / Kinesiology and Applied Computer ScienceViennaResearch Organisation Central aim of organization is research and development in the field of sports biomechanics, human movement analysis and computer science in sport 
University of Vienna - Software Architecture Research GroupViennaResearch Organisation Excellence in research and higher education in software architecture, software design, and software engineering. 
University of Vienna - Department of Meteorology and GeophysicsViennaResearch Organisation Conditioning and Visualization of meteorological and climatological information 
University of Vienna - Research Group Workflow Systems and TechnologyViennaResearch Organisation Basic and application-oriented research on flexible, secure, and human-centric Process-aware Information Systems 
University Vienna; - ISEGOV (Information Society & E-Government Research)ViennaResearch Organisation Inter-related Research & Developement - Digital Society 
V-Research GmbH - Technical LogisticsVorarlbergResearch Organisation Innovation for your corporate success. 
Validad GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Develop high performing IT solutions based on experience, continuous innovation and state-of-the-art quality standards for high customer satisfaction 
Verein für Neues Lehren und Lernen - Institute for Future StudiesTyrolResearch Organisation Main interests are in the research and public discussion of questions concerning future use of information and communication technologies (ICT), espec 
via donau - Österreichische Wasserstraßen-Gesellschaft mbHViennaOthers via donau is a modern and efficiently run company that operates waterways and executes sovereign functions on behalf of the federal authorities. 
Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration - Institute for Information BusinessViennaResearch Organisation  
Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration - Institute for Management Information SystemsViennaResearch Organisation The main areas in teaching and research is B2C Electronic Commerce, especially Business Strategies. 
Vienna University of Technology - Department of AutomationViennaResearch Organisation  
Vienna University of Technology - Institute of Design and Assessment of Technology - Centre for Applied Assistive TechnologiesViennaResearch Organisation Research and development of assistive technology for persons with disability and/or elderly persons to support quallity of life and autonomy 
Vienna University of Technology - Institute of Information SystemsViennaResearch Organisation We investigate foundations and explore novel applications of technologies to the development of distributed services. 
Vienna University of Technology - Institute of Electrodynamics, Microwave and Circuit EngineeringViennaResearch Organisation The central aim of EMCE is the design of highly integrated systems-on-a-chip, which can be either analog/digital or optoelectronic/analog circuits. 
Vienna University of Technology - Institute of Computer Graphics and AlgorithmsViennaResearch Organisation Research in algorithms and data structures, in particular combinatorial optimization 
Vienna University of Technology - Geoinformation and CartographyViennaResearch Organisation Providing a theoretical basis in geographic information science. 
Vienna University of Technology - Institute of Software Technology and Interactive SystemsViennaResearch Organisation Business Informatics 
Vienna University of Technology - Building Physics and Building EcologyViennaResearch Organisation  
Vienna University of Technology - Faculty of Technical ChemistryViennaResearch Organisation The Faculty 
Vienna University of Technology - Institute of Broadband CommunicationsViennaResearch Organisation The Institute of Broadband Communication is a competent research partner in the fields of Optical and Next Generation Networks. 
Vienna University of Technology - Institute of TelecommunicationsViennaResearch Organisation Excellence in teaching and research in the field of telecommunications and radio-frequency engineering 
Vienna University of Technology - Institute of Sensor and Actuator Systems / Microsystems TechnologyViennaResearch Organisation The main focus is on the design, fabrication and evaluation of micromachined devices (e.g. sensors and actuators) incl. packaging issues. 
Vienna University of Technology - Institute of Engineering DesignViennaResearch Organisation We investigate novel applications of advancements in informatics and ICT for product development, logistics, plant engineering and sustainability 
Vienna University of Technology - Institute of Computer TechnologyViennaResearch Organisation Research and education on computer-based systems 
Vienna University of Technology - Institute for Design and Assessment of TechnologyViennaPublic Body We apply cutting-edge methodologies to design and evaluate technologies in lab and field based, participative user studies. 
Vienna University of Technology - Institute of Information Systems Engineering, Electronic Commerce ResearchViennaResearch Organisation Research and Teaching 
Voice Business GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Easier human-machine interaction with speech. 
VoXel Interaction Design, Dr. Simon VoglUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise VoXel designs embedded systems, measurement solutions and media-centric applications. 
VRVis Zentrum für Virtual Reality und Visualisierung Forschungs-GmbHViennaResearch Organisation R&D in Visual Computing (Visualization, Rendering, Visual Analysis, Computer Vision) 
W. Hassmann - Rail- Environmetal Consult - ConsultingLower AustriaPublic Body planning and esteplishment of Rail and Environmental Systems 
Walter Rafelsberger - Computational Information DesignTyrolOthers Computational Information Design 
Webducation Software Planning and DevelopmentViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise  
webLyzard technology gmbhViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise webLyzard provides research and consulting services with a focus on media monitoring, Web mining and semantic technologies 
Webster Vienna Private University - Psychology (Cognitive and Affective NeuroscienceViennaResearch Organisation University and Research Institution 
WESTCAM - Technology TransferTyrolSmall or Medium Enterprise Mutual Technology Transfer in terms of Product Lifecycle Management 
WoAx-IT Software SolutionsViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Designing and implementing E-Buisness, E-Invocing and E-Government software solutions. 
X-Art Pro Division Ges.m.b.HBurgenlandSmall or Medium Enterprise We are researching and developing tools for workflow enhancements in broadcast telcos and other corporations using rich media. 
X-Net Holding GmbH - X-Net Technologies GmbH & X-Net Services GmbHUpper AustriaSmall or Medium Enterprise solutions for production of individual storage media 
xFaceStyriaSmall or Medium Enterprise xFace develops digital hardware for embedded systems 
XIMES GmbHViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Support complex planning, forecasting, scheduling, controlling questions where working hours are an important part. 
XYLEM TechnologiesViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise Development of innovative software solutions 
ZARA - Civil Courage and Anti-Racism WorkViennaNon Governmental Organisation ZARAs main mission is to combat racism and to promote civil courage as well as a positive approach to cultural diversity. 
Zelisko GmbHLower AustriaIndustry development, production and sales 
Zentrum fuer Soziale Innovation / Centre for Social Innovation - Technology & KnowledgeViennaResearch Organisation The Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) is a self-contained, politically independent scientific institution, asserting leadership in Europe to advance. 
ZTH Consulting EngineeringViennaSmall or Medium Enterprise We guarantee the compliance of security and quality standards.